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Ica, a jewel among the most beloved Peruvian destinations, is presented as the perfect fusion between land and sea. Its appeal is nourished by beautiful landscapes and exciting adventure sports that seduce travelers. In Peru, greatness goes beyond our revered Machu Picchu.

Ica is synonymous with adrenaline, fun, adventure and a unique charm that conquers those who discover it. Here are five recommended activities to do in Ica:

Where is Ica?

Ica, located 300 km south of Lima on the central Peruvian coast, is known for its fertile valleys, enigmatic geoglyphs, dunes and sunny beaches. Recognized as the land of pisco, the region offers a warm climate for most of the year. Ica is the starting point to explore the Nazca geoglyphs and enjoy the Huacachina oasis, fusing history and impressive landscapes.

What activities can be done in Ica?

1. Flyover of the mysterious Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines, mysterious geoglyphs of extraordinary dimensions, stretch across the Nazca Desert, attracting travelers from all over the world. These wonders take various forms, from hummingbirds and nine-toed monkeys to spiders and a peculiar figure known as the owlman, sometimes compared to the silhouette of an astronaut.

In 1994, UNESCO recognized the Nazca Lines and surrounding geoglyphs as a World Heritage Site.

Exploring these lines from above on an exciting flight is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss.

Overflight of the Nazca Lines “Condor”.

Nazca lines: Hummingbird.

2. Buggie Ride and Sandboarding in Huacachina

Enjoy an extraordinary day in the dunes of Huacachina with an exciting ride in a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle and sandboarding sessions in the middle of the desert. This experience will take you to explore impressive dunes, offering you the opportunity to experience an exciting dose of adrenaline. The experienced driver will share essential techniques for riding the boards. Once down, the all-terrain vehicle will be ready to take you to new dunes, allowing you to continue practicing and capture spectacular photographs of this beautiful natural desert whim.

Huacachina – Extreme 4×4 Buggy Adventure

Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru.

3. Discover the beauty of the Paracas National Reserve.

Discover the Paracas National Reserve, a natural treasure that merges the vastness of the desert with the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. The turquoise waters caress the shores of the desert, creating a unique landscape that invites you to explore its wonders.”

“Immerse yourself in the marine biodiversity, marvel at the islands full of life and let the desert landscapes captivate you. The Paracas National Reserve is an enchanted corner where nature unfolds at its best, offering you an unforgettable tourist experience on the coast Peruvian


4. Explore the Canyon of the Lost

The Canyon of the Lost, recently discovered in the Atacama Desert, is one of the most requested destinations in Ica. Just 90 kilometers from the city, in the southwest of the Santiago district, it offers spectacular views and fascinating discoveries. Studies indicate that this imposing canyon was at one time part of the seabed, with an estimated age between 20 and 30 million years. The site is home to fossils of marine animals, including sharks, shells, whales and birds. Immerse yourself in this unique adventure and discover the fossilized history of the marine past in this amazing landscape!

Ica – Canyon of the Lost A

Ica – Canyon of the Lost B

5. Tour of the Wineries and Vineyards

A tourist trip between strains and flavors. Explore the fascinating history of viticulture in Ica, where the life of the vineyards is intertwined with the richness of the land. Walk among rows of grapes, discover the secrets of winemaking, and enjoy tastings that tell the story of this Peruvian wine region. Immerse yourself in the wine culture of Ica, a tourist experience that awakens the senses and offers a unique look at the area’s wine tradition. Discover the essence of Ica through its vineyards and wines!

Hacienda tacama

Wine route, vineyards

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