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Flycusco Peru Travel Agency, we are a tourism travel agency in the city of Cusco – Peru, we are specialists in Peru travel, with exclusive programs, within the main tourist attractions of Peru, we are faithful to quality, comfort and trust , always offering the most special prices, in all our programs, tours and treks.

All our activities are developed with all respect and admiration, to our culture, that are known throughout the world, caring for and preserving each place that we have in our programs, also focused on the preservation of the environment.

Flycusco Peru travel agency, we are focused on providing detailed information at the request of all our clients. our work seeks and always manages to exceed the expectations of our clients, it is for this reason that we consider fluid communication as a fundamental axis by always being available 24/7.



There are hundreds of people who traveled to peru, lima, cusco, machu picchu, lake titicaca, arequipa, with flycusco peru travel agency, our level of satisfaction and having exceeded the expectations of our customers, is a great testimony of our customer service. first class customer. here you can see the testimonials of our clients on tripadvisor (the largest network of travelers in the world).


For us it is extremely important to be completely transparent, with everything we say, without any surprise or deception. The information provided on all our programs – tours, through our website, chats or in person – is highly transparent. is one of our top values, saving you time and money.


At flycusco perú travel agency, all our programs and itineraries are prepared in a way that ensures that everything offered is always at a high level of service, this in all our travel categories, from economic to luxury.



We have been in the market for many years, with many years of experience, in the tourist service, in this sense we have developed strong commercial relationships with our strategic partners, which allows us to negotiate exclusive confidential rates, with the lowest rates in the market and much more to be local operators. This allows us to offer our clients very competitive prices, with a great cost-benefit ratio.


We are focused on you having an incredible vacation, which we ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. All our collaborators are experts in tourist service and from a rigorous selection of our suppliers, who are always hand in hand, to ensure you an impeccable and quality service. our groups for all our programs are very small (10 to 12 people) which allows you to enjoy the tours much more and live an incredible experience, thanks to our small group.


We know that you want to insure your trip for your vacations in Peru, so that you insure your trip we request a prepayment of 50% of the cost of the program or tour and the rest you pay when you arrive at the destination. In this way we allow you to make your vacation a reality.