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Our objective is to collaborate with the high Andean communities to overcome economic and social challenges through the generation of jobs and association of work that directs resources towards sustainable projects. A special focus is given to support our children and their educational endeavors.

Since FLY CUSCO PERU has been open, we have carried out many social projects for the benefit of the Andean people, in addition to practicing sustainable and responsible tourism. We not only carry out social projects, but also the human team that works for our company. We pay them above average wages, provide life and medical insurance, and always abide by state and national laws written for shippers. In addition, we also help the towns in which our porters live, especially in helping with the needs of children. We aim to bring them financial support, as well as computers, internet, books and other educational needs.

It would be difficult for us to give back to the community without the help of our customers, who trust us to accompany them on their journeys. Not only do we provide excellent services, but we also send your money to support our social projects, for the benefit of the towns and their children. By choosing and traveling with FLY CUSCO PERU, you choose to participate in the wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.


For many years these towns have been forgotten by our Peruvian government, especially those towns located in the middle of the mountains that do not even have access to cars and people can only get there on horseback. We consider that our Cusco region receives more than a million tourists a year which would make you think that Cusco is the richest region BUT it is not. Considered as one of the poorest regions of Peru due to the money collected from tourists who are sent to Lima.

FLY CUSCO PERU puts a grain of sand to bring smiles to different high Andean towns in the city of Cusco. Merry Christmas!


FLY CUSCO PERU is a company dedicated to the preservation of nature. It is a company that has worked hard to preserve the trails and walks for the enjoyment of local people and future generations. Some hikers, porters and even locals have been found to litter along the trails, leaving them dirty and negatively affecting the local population and indigenous wildlife that lives in the Andes. Every year, our company organizes a Cleaning Campaign in which we have staff members from the office area, guides, carriers, etc. let’s clean the area around the archaeological parks, we collect plastic bottles or any non-organic item.


For a long time we have all experienced a lot of forest fires and deforestation around the world, and the Andes, especially the Cusco region, are no strangers to this huge problem. Many people seeking larger farmland are burning forests, cutting down trees for industrial purposes, and every year we are left with less and less vegetation. Adding to this problem, most farmers grow trees that have a negative impact on the environment. Like the eucalyptus trees they deteriorate the surrounding soil and with their natural oils they create a dry environment that is prone to wildfires. Unfortunately, local farmers only see their own benefits in the profits they make and not in the needs of nature itself.

FLY CUSCO PERU is taking advantage of the rainy seasons and each year donates more than 100 native trees (Queuña) to local villages far from the city of Cusco.